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Nordick Manufacturing and Parts Warehouse

Division of Young Corp., Woodinville, WA

Since 1977, Nordick specializes in the designing and manufacturing of custom hydraulic cylinders up to 34-inches bore diameter.

Meltec Foundry

Division of Young Corp., Seattle, WA


Meltec Foundry has over 75 years of experience using the latest technology.

What we offer:

Molding Capabilities

Meltec has several types of molding machines for small to medium size castings.  Castings up to 5,000 pounds can be made using loose pattern moldings.  We also offer specialty moldings such as no-bake.

Induction Melting Furnaces

Our induction melting furnaces are capable of melting up to 10,000 pounds. This allows net casting weights from 1 to 5,000 pounds. All heats are spectrographically analyzed to ensure precise metallurgical properties. 

Many quality control testing capabilities such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant and x-ray are available to meet your requirements.

 Steel, Stainless Steel & Manganese Casting Capabilities: 

  • Carbon Steel for general requirements.

  • Low Alloy steel for high strength, machinability and physical properties to meet your specific requirements at a reasonable cost.

  • Stainless steel for corrosion and heat resistance.

  • Manganese Steel for work hardened wear resistance.



Our annealing process is handled in a completely computerized, gas fired car bottom heat treat furnace to ensure even heat distribution and optimum casting properties. Extensive heat treating options are available to meet any requirement.

Our Story

Our Story


In 1902, C. J. Young, a Swedish immigrant, established a blacksmith shop in Seattle's SODO district to support the thriving logging industry.  Young's wire rope blocks and rigging equipment are still considered the industry standard. 


Today, Young Corporation features 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space with numerous burning, forming, fitting, welding and line boring machines.  Our state of the art burn table can plasma cut up to 3-inch plate and torch flame up to 8-inch plate.  We have turning capability up to 50-inches.


Young Corporation is the leading manufacturer of Orange Peel Scrap Grapples, Clamshell Buckets, Long Fronts and Material Handlers.  Young products are often seen at scrap yards, recycling facilities, ditch or jetty work, logging yards and barges.

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PO Box 3522

Seattle, WA 98124

(206) 624-1071

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